Original Full-Body Treatment


A body treatment using the Terrace Hotel’s original blended oil which gives your skin energy and healing, allowing you to spend a gorgeous moment.

(Jet Spa is included in these courses.) 


A basic full-body treatment using Busena Terrace's original aroma oil to make your body relax with lymph massage. You will enjoy a leisurely time enveloped in a soft fragrance. 
100 minutes ¥19,000TERRACE SELECT

Clear skin for Body

A full-body treatment with gentle keratin care and oil treatment. This keratin care gets to areas that are usually out-of-reach, giving you smooth skin. Then, the oil treatment boosts circulation throughout your body while also adding moisture.
120 minutes ¥25,000

Slim & Lift for Body

This course features an "all hand massage” body treatment, using active hand techniques to reach muscles. Adjusting the hip line to its ideal position, this session will give you tight, curvaceous beauty as it guides you towards fine body lines.
120 minutes ¥25,000TERRACE SELECT

Reservations & Inquires:0980-51-1333
Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

TERRACE SELECTExclusive to The Terrace Hotels, these recommended treatments may be enjoyed at the Esthetic Rooms of both The Busena and Naha Terrace, and the Club Spa at The Atta Terrace Club Towers.

  • The original oil blends and bodycare products used in our treatments are available for purchase.
  • All prices are subject to consumption tax.
  • A day-use fee of ¥2,000(exclusive of tax) is charged to those who are not registered guests of The Terrace Hotels.
  • The fees published here are valid as of February 2016 and are subject to change.

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