Original Facial Treatment


Basic Treatment

Facial treatments using Busena Terrace's original herbal cosmetics, blended oils, Okinawan ingredients, and more.


A basic treatment that carefully cares for your face and neckline area using Busena Terrace's original cosmetics made from plants. Enjoy the skin care effects as well as the relaxation provided by out fragrances.
60 minutes ¥13,000TERRACE SELECT


Adds beauty masks and targeted treatment to our basic treatment. During your 2 beauty mask sessions, you'll receive 2 targeted treatments-you can choose between hands, head, or legs. Take your time and enjoy our skin care as fragrances soothe you. 
90 minutes ¥18,000

Ryukyu Mineral Treatment

To our basic treatment, we've added beauty masks that combine carbonic acid with Ryukyu clay obtained from northern Okinawa. With Ryukyu clay's absorbent effects and carbonic acid’s circulation-boosting effects, we'll guide you to clear skin. The pleasantly cool beauty mask soothes the skin as we simultaneously give you targeted head and leg treatments.
70 minutes ¥15,000


Deep relaxation starting with powerful alleviation of back stiffness, followed by a facial treatment with lifting effects.
120 minutes ¥23,000

Special Treatment

Select from aging, lighter skin, moisturiz川g, and other care plans to match your skin's condition.

Energy Lift

An aging care treatment that cleanly adjusts your face lines and promotes lifting. Our staff's hand techniques and strong touch will aid circulation and help to lift your skin. Next, our 2 types of plaster masks, with special hot/cold effects, retain these gains. This course is a full treatment that begins with relaxing your back and also includes targeted treatment of your head and legs.
120 minutes ¥25,000

Perfection White

For skin that is dull or damaged by daily UV rays. With our extra-brightening cosmetics made exclusively for skin lightening, we'll guide you to clear, radiant skin. With our targeted treatment added in as a bonus, you'll be able to enjoy lighter skin and relaxation at the same time.
100 minutes ¥23,000

Hydra Moisturizing

"Moisture” is indispensable in maintaining healthy skin. We focus on the innate moisturizing mechanisms of the skin, and guide you to better skin with a facial treatment optimized for hydration.
80 minutes ¥20,000

Acu-point Ⅰ・Ⅱ

Beauty acupuncture without the needles - this course is a facial treatment originating from both Eastern and Western medicine. Instead of needles, we stimulate acupuncture points and muscles with special electric heat. By using intermediate frequencies and poration (beauty flashes) to deliver active ingredients to the dermic layer, we enable lifting of the face as well as increased firmness and elasticity. You can choose between a basic 90-minute course, and a 120-minute course that adds targeted treatments to reduce back stiffness and feet exhaustion.
Acu-point Ⅰ 90 minutes ¥18,000
Acu-point Ⅱ 120 minutes ¥24,000 

Reservations & Inquires:0980-51-1333
Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

TERRACE SELECTExclusive to The Terrace Hotels, these recommended treatments may be enjoyed at the Esthetic Rooms of both The Busena and Naha Terrace, and the Club Spa at The Atta Terrace Club Towers.

  • The original oil blends and bodycare products used in our treatments are available for purchase.
  • All prices are subject to consumption tax.
  • A day-use fee of ¥2,000(exclusive of tax) is charged to those who are not registered guests of The Terrace Hotels.
  • The fees published here are valid as of February 2016 and are subject to change.

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