Hydromassage baths and affusion showers have numerous physical and psychological benefits, especially when mineral-rich seawater is used. Lymphatic circulation is improved while the skin is both cleansed and nourished-a revitalizing experience for the mind and body. 

Bain Jet Spa

45 minutes ¥4,500
Ease the exterior muscles and condition the skin through hydrothermal massage in our private seawater spa.

Affusion Massage

45 minutes ¥7,500
A relaxing massage is given as the body is enveloped in a warm, soft mist of mineral-rich seawater.

Affusion Scrub

45 minutes ¥7,500
A rain-like mist of warm seawater gently stimulates the lymphatic system. then, an exfoliating scrub smoothens and tones the skin.

Body Wraps

Potent algae extracts and botanicals grown on the Okinawan islands feature in our selection of four thermal body wraps. Each mineral-rich experience delivers essential nutrients deep into your skin, promoting the release of impurities while hydrating and softening. Choose the program that best suits your body's condition and needs, and see what a difference 30 minutes can make.

Marine Algae 45 minutes ¥7,500
This warm and relaxing treatment uses natural marine algae, rich in remineralizing ingredients, to deep-cleanse, detoxify, and smooth the skin.
Marine C Algae 45 minutes ¥7,500
The body is wrapped in a creamy and softly aromatic blend of micronized marine algae, sea salt, and calcium carbonate.
Mineralg Gel 45 minutes ¥7,500
Blended with essential oils of peppermint and lavandin, this seaweed body wrap activates your circulation for a rapid detox and a slimming boost.
Bone Marine 45 minutes ¥7,500
Dead Sea minerals are delivered to the skin, drawing out impurities and aiding renewal. The formula contains no iodine and is safe for those with thyroid disorders. 

Body Scrubs

Receive maximum benefit from subsequent heat and hydro therapies by starting off with an exfoliating body scrub using Thalgo skin-conditioning products.

Aquatic Scrub 45 minutes ¥7,500
Sea salt, botanical oils, and seaweed extracts combine to remineralize your skin, delivering essential nutrients and leaving it soft and satiny to the touch.
Marine Algae Scrub 45 minutes ¥7,500
Thalgo's Plasmalg Marine Gel remineralizes the epidermis, increases micro-circulation, and purifies the skin with its potent formula of vitamins, minerals, and marine algae.
Descomask Body Scrub 45 minutes ¥7,500
The skin is gently conditioned, toned, and softened with a creamy and soothing exfoliating scrub suitable for all skin types.

Body Treatments

The celebrated Thalgo line of beauty products features in treatments that harness the power of the sea to remineralize and hydrate your skin.

Body Relaxing 75 minutes ¥15,000 / 105 minutes ¥22,500
Seeweed extracts and aromatic oils feature in this relaxing massage.
Body Conditioning 75 minutes ¥15,000 / 105 minutes ¥22,500 
This detoxifying massage uses seaweed extracts and aromatic oils.
Body Sculpting 105 minutes ¥22,500
Special hand techniques work to lift and tone, yielding a slimming effect for a sharper bodyline.

The Terrace Hotels' Original Treatments

Indulge in an original body or facial treatment featuring specialized techniques and aromatic oils.

(Body Treatment) 
85 minutes ¥19,000
Fatigue is released from the body's core in this relaxing treatment. From our array of original and all-natural aromatic oil blends select your favorite fragrance and indulge in the soothing effects of a full-body oil massage.
(Facial Treatment) 
70 minutes ¥13,000
Our relaxing basic facial treatment addresses the neck and shoulders in addition to thorough cleansing, exfoliation, and massage of the face, leaving your complexion radiant.

Facial Treatments

Our luxurious facials feature Thalgo products, harnessing the power of the sea for spectacular results in purifying, hydrating, and toning.

Source Marine Treatment 80 minutes ¥15,000
All skin types benefit from the powerful hydrating effect of Source Marine, a green-algae extract. Optimally moisturized, your skin will radiate a healthy glow.
OProtect 80 minutes ¥15,000
This anti-pollution shield neutralizes free radicals that are harmful to the skin, providing effective protection against the elements and boosting cell respiration.
Hyposensine Salon Treatment
80 minutes ¥15,000
This bio-protective Thalgo formula increases the skin's tolerance level as it cleanses, soothes, and protects against harsh environmental factors.
Energy Lift 110 minutes ¥28,000
Comprehensive care against the effects of aging is provided, restoring the skin's smooth luster, tone, and natural clarity.
Brightening Program Clear Expert
110 minutes ¥28,000
Exfoliate and brighten the skin with Thalgo's blend of red algae and other botanical extracts that inhibit melanin production. Your skin will be left fresh and glowing.
Declencheurs Super Lift
110 minutes ¥28,000
Two masks―one warming, the other cooling―lift and enhance facial contours.

Optional Treatment

Combine these optional offerings with any of our facial or body treatments to deepen your relaxation.

Eye Expert

20 minutes ¥3,000
A specially formulated serum features in this antiaging massage and mask treatment that refreshes the sensitive area around the eyes, addressing fine lines and puffiness.

Head Massage

20 minutes ¥3,000
By releasing tension stored in the head and neck, this treatment also alleviates stiff shoulders and eye strain.

Short Facial

30 minutes ¥7,500
This fundamental facial care offers a deep cleansing and massage.

Ayurvedic Care

This tradition of herbal therapy originating in India and Sri Lanka uses warm sesame oil in massages geared to each person's unique temperament, or dosha. It aids detoxification and helps to restore your body's overall energy balance.

Ayurvedic Programs


120 minutes ¥23,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Head Massage(30 minutes)
Back Treatment(40 minutes)
Pinda Sveda(20 minutes)


150 minutes ¥25,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Head Massage(30 minutes)
Full-Body Treatment(90 minutes)


180 minutes ¥38,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Four-Way Treatment(90 minutes)
Shirodhara(30 minutes)
Shower(30 minutes)


180 minutes ¥34,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Full-Body Treatment(90 minutes)
Shirodhara(30 minutes)
Shower(30 minutes)

*For the PremiumFantasy experiences, one-day advance booking is required.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Taila Vimardana(Full-body)

Five hand techniques including striking, rubbing, and rolling release tension of the body.

120 minutes ¥22,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Full-Body Treatment(90 minutes)

Taila Vimardana(Back)

Five hand techniques focus on reliving tension stored in the back.

90 minutes ¥19,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Back Treatment(60 minutes)


Warm oils are massaged into the body with a healing touch.

120 minutes ¥26,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Full-Body Treatment(90 minutes)


Kati Vasti

Warm oils is poured onto a chickpea poultice applied to the lower back. It penetrates deeply, improving circulation and relieving stiffness.

80 minutes ¥19,000
Consultation(20 minutes)
Kati Vasti(30 minutes)
Back Treatment(30 minutes)

Ayurvedic Head Therapy

Head Massage & Pinda Sveda are perfomed to relax the head and shoulders.

80 minutes ¥10,000
Consultation(30 minutes)
Head Massage(30 minutes)
Pinda Sveda(20 minutes)

*For the Kati Vasti experience, one-day advance booking is required.

Ayurvedic Optional Treatment

Short Facial 30 minutes ¥7,500
The face and chest are cleansed and relaxed with oils.
Head Massage 30 minutes ¥7,500
the entire head is massaged front back.
Pinda Sveda(Body) 20 minutes ¥3,000
A warm linen pouch filled with herbs is used to massage oils into the body.

All prices are subject to consumption tax.
With the exception of add-ons, duration times include briefings by your therapist.
Add-ons are offered only in tandem with other treatments.

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