Indulge yourself with a course dinner based on high quality food items and home-grown vegetables. "Pukarassa" which means "happy" in the dialect of Miyako Island, features grilled Japanese beef and roasted Agu pork with miso shallots as well as a homard lobster steak grilled with seasonal vegetables and butter. 

Available January 8 - March 31, 2018
Hours 17:30-22:00 (L/O 21:30)
Location Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"
Price 16,000 JPY per Person
(All prices include a 10% service charge and are subject to consumption tax.)


  • Appetizer
  • Assorted Appetizers (Black Sesame Pork・Okinawan Tofu・Seaweed Vinegar)
  • Homard Lobster Grilled with Seasonal Vegetables and Butter as well as Sea Lettuce Tortilla
  • Roasted Agu Pork with Miso Shallots and Tofu Steak
  • Carta Fata Wrapped Local and Home-grown Vegetables
  • Local Japanese Beef Sirloin (130g)
    Or Beef Filet (100g)
  • Salad with Blue Papaya
  • Garlic Rice
  • Today's Dessert
  • Coffee or Tea

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