December 29, 2017



Enjoy spring's warm breezes and spend time in elegance.

Visit subtropical Okinawa and sense spring in January.
Stay at The Naha Terrace and indulge in several unique spring menus.

Living Room "Maroad"
Cherry Blossoms Afternoon Tea

Cherry flavored roll cakes, macarons and gelee
await you at The Naha Terrace.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Valentine Sweets

Delight your loved ones with our Valentine Sweets.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"
Pufferfish Delicacy

Try one of Japan's most famous delicacies
this spring.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"
HANAMI Kaiseki

Try our monthly changing kaiseki lunch
based on seasonal ingredients.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Seasonal Desserts

Treat yourself to our monthly changing
seasonal delights.

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Restaurant "Fanuan"
La Saint-Valentin

A romantic course dinner awaits you and
your loved ones this Valentine's Day.

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Library Bar "November"
World Whiskey Library
Craft Bourbons

Indulge in famous craft bourbons
at our Library Bar "November".

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Esthetic Room
Spring Campaign

Sense the awakening of spring and
enjoy our relaxing body treatment.

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