Summer Tonic Campaign


Thalgo's original treatment will eliminate seasonal fatigue accumulated due to the temperature changes between indoors and outdoors, erratic meals due to the heat, and lack of exercise to provide a rejuvenating experience. Its major feature includes the fusion of Thalgo's unique Body Palp technology and delicate treatment by hand, targeting the deep muscle layers, fat, and cellulite. Our therapists will help you select the right treatment for you from our four options.

Summer Tonic Body Pulp 90 minutes JPY 28,600 per person

Thalgo's original treatment that helps reduce physical fatigue. In addition to the original seaweed ingredients, a body treatment containing active oxygen using Thalgo's unique beauty tool to move deep muscle tissue and fat, which are difficult to reach with human hands, enhancing the detoxification effect and realigning the body.

Summer Tonic Facial & Body 120 minutes JPY 40,700 per person

Treatment including a body vacuum massage and a mini facial. It promotes the reduction of physical fatigue, improves the skin, and gives vitality.

Summer Tonic Facial & Body 150 minutes (with complimentary gift) JPY 44,000 per person

Treatment including Body Palp and thalasso facial. It reduces fatigue of the whole body, giving vitality while balancing the skin.

Summer Tonic Body Wrap Option (for your back) 20 minutes JPY 5,500 per person

Contains active oxygen in addition to the original seaweed ingredients. A seaweed body treatment that warms the body to eliminate cool limbs and stiff shoulders, dullness, swelling, and lack of sleep.

*All prices include consumption tax

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