Original Facial Treatments


Special Treatments

Four therapies to revitalize your skin and help restore its natural luster


Recommended for those who are concerned about the effects of aging, this facial lifts and tones the skin as it improves circulation and promotes optimal cellular function. In addition, the connective tissues between muscles are toned with a luxurious oil treatment.
150 minutes ¥35,000


A condensed version of Precious, this two-hour experience concentrates on lifting the skin and rehydrating the areas around the eyes. During the facial mask, the hands, legs and scalp are treated to a relaxing massage.
120 minutes ¥26,000

Acu-point Ⅰ

This facial draws on both Eastern and Western practices, stimulating specific acupressure points and muscles with pulses of electric heat. Electro-poration delivers active ingredients straight to the dermic layer, improving lift, tone and elasticity.
90 minutes ¥18,000

Acu-point Ⅱ

This extended version of Acu-point Ⅰrelieves tension and muscular fatigue from the neck and back muscles, and improves circulation in the lower legs with a refreshing massage.
120 minutes ¥24,000

Basic Treatments

Featuring Okinawan botanicals and The Terrace Hotels' original aromatic oil blends


A basic treatment that carefully cares for your face and neckline area using The Terrace Hotels original cosmetics made from plants. Enjoy the skin care effects as well as the relaxation provided by out fragrances. (This course is safe for pregnant women)
60 minutes ¥13,000TERRACE SELECT

Ryukyu Mineral Treatment

Natural Okinawan clay blended with carbonic acid features in a facial pack that aids circulation as it clarifies and tones the skin. In addition, enjoy any two of our hand, leg and scalp therapies. (This course is safe for pregnant women)
90 minutes ¥18,000TERRACE SELECT


Our Radiance treatment is extended with a cosmetic mask and your choice of two of the following: hand, leg and scalp therapies using The Terrace Hotels' original aromatic essential oil blends. (This course is safe for pregnant women)
90 minutes ¥18,000


Designed for deep relaxation as well as lift, this facial begins with a thorough back massage to alleviate tension.
120 minutes ¥24,000

Reservations & Inquiries:0980-51-1333
Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

TERRACE SELECTExclusive to The Terrace Hotels, these recommended treatments may be enjoyed at the following Spa facilities.
The Busena Terrace "Esthetic Room"
The Atta Terrace Club Towers "Club Spa"
The Naha Terrace "Esthetic Room"

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  • The fees published here are valid as of April 2017 and are subject to change.

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