March 16, 2018



First Signs of Summer.
The Sound of Waves.

A southern paradise full of temptations...
Flavors of spices and delicious meals carried on by the wind...
The Busena Terrace is the place to be this summer.

Main Dining "Fanuan"
Menu d'été Fascinant

Take delight in foie gras wrapped in dark chocolate and roasted beef sirloin.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

Indulge in steamed Okinawan pork, pressed shrimp and a meaty main dish.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"
Wakanatsu - Kaiseki Cuisine-

Try our new kaiseki course inspired by the greenery of this season.

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Cafe Terrace "La Tida"
Herbs & Spices Fair

Join us for our fair with strong flavored herbs and spices.

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Chinese Dining "Ryukasaien"
Seasonal Chinese Course Dinner

Boost your stamina and prepare yourself for the upcoming summer heat with our Chinese course dinner.

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Italian Restaurant "Chula-la"

Indulge in fish carpaccio, sauteed chicken thigh and spicy linguini.

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Fun Pub "Sugar Cane"
Island Temptation

Delight in cocktails crafted with Okinawan vegetables.

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Ku-su Bar "Dachibin"
Awamori Break

Enjoy awamori based cocktails mixed with coffee and black tea.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Island Breeze

Greet summer with our new cocktails and original sweets.

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Skin Vitality

Our new esthetic treatments feature jojoba, silica microparticles and original skin care products.

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Activity Counter
Marine Activity Combo Program

Enjoy our marine activity combo program featuring 3 different types of activities.

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Hotel Selection/Terrace Style for Living
Popping Season

Summer clothes, sun glasses, hats and perfumes await you this season.

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