December 28, 2018



Strawberry Season in Subtropical Paradise

All restaurants at The Busena Terrace will use seasonal strawberries for ingredients.
We are taking strawberries to a whole new level. Aside from sweets, strawberries will be included in
our sauces for our pasta and meat dishes. Enjoy your stay at our resort colored in strawberry colors.

Main Dining "Fanuan"
Menu de Finesse

A dish, designed like a flower, garnished with flower petals, from foie gras poire to our locally picked sweet-sour strawberry sauce and rose-scented ice cream.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"

Harukaze-Kaiseki, a harmonious touch of spring decorated with seasonal wild flora and canola blossoms.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

Fresh prawns and abalone from Ginoza Village served with Sakura butter and beef stew made with Motobu beef.

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Cafe Terrace "La Tida"
Citrus Fair

Special dishes with sauces made of seasonal strawberries and various citrus fruits such as oranges and limes.

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Italian Restaurant "Chula-la"
Odori di Primavera

Choose your main dish and either select a steak with berry or turmeric sauce or select an Okinawan fish dish with seasonal asa seaweed.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Maroad Rose

Enjoy special sweets made with fresh strawberries. Tarts, mousses, macarons, and our classic shortcakes.

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Fun Pub "Sugar Cane"
Pleasure Cocktails

“Spring Flower” strawberries and rum, “Sparkling Sun” Okinawan ingredients; awamori and citrus, and “Calm East Sea” mixed with mint and dry vermouth.

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Body care treatment that will bring out the glow from within your body.

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Souvenir Shop
Delight Spring Color

Dyed with coral extracts, our scarfs match the vivid hues found in Okinawa’s blue skies, its sparking oceans, and from its forest greens.

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