January 21, 2019



Before the busy, exciting summer arrives

Let us open the door to paradise,
where time passes by slowly.
A gentle sea breeze guides you to the elegant Terrace of paradise.

Italian Restaurant "Chula-la"
Vento di Napoli

The smell of a freshly baked pizza in a stone kiln makes the appetite go wild.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"

A refreshing dish of squid and summer vegetables salad with a citric dressing.

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Chinese Dining "Ryukasaien"
Early Summer Selection Special Dinner

Try these entrees to beat the summer heat: Cantonese style tempura.

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Main Dining "Fanuan"
Menu d’été Fascinant

Dinner course containing fresh langoustines, Akajin grouper prepared in Southern French style.

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Cafe Terrace "La Tida"
Herb Fair

Enjoy a tropical taste with our roasted Kin Agu Pork in salt crust.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Tropical Breeze

Two types of baked goodies to choose from; Pineapple or lychee.

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Fun Pub "Sugar Cane"
Invitation to Early Summer

April ‒ "Summer Breeze" (left)
May ‒ "Verde" (middle)
June ‒ "Allure" (right)

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Activity Counter
Passport Programs

Marine passports are an economical way to enjoy unlimited rentals.

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Esthetic Room

“Shell Ginger” herb is rich in beauty essence oil. Lavish yourself in this refreshing aroma.

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Hotel Selection
A Comfortable Day

We have a selection of comfortable vibrant print resort wear.

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