March 19, 2020



The Busena Terrace

Elegant course dinners as well as sweet Valentine’s Day desserts await you this spring at The Busena Terrace.

Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"
Harukaze-Kaiseki ~Ichibanzakura~

Inspired by the first cherry blossoms, indulge in bamboo shoots paired with steamed sea bream and enjoy the taste of spring.

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Main Dining "Fanuan"
Menu de Finesse
~Messenger of Spring~

Treat yourself to Menu de Finesse and delight in veal and spring vegetables for dinner.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"
In Full Bloom

Delight in grilled fish, prawns and wagyu beef decorated with flower petals.

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Chinese Dining "Ryukasaien"
Delightful Spring Dinner 2020

Shark fin stewed in oyster sauce and beef filet with Chinese BBQ sauce await you this season.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Fraises du Bonheur

Strawberry mousse and refreshing beverages await you this season at “Maroad”.

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Nago bay Cruising

An excursion into the blue sea of Nago Bay and Cape Manzamo awaits you this season.

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Esthetic Room
Spring Treatment

Treat yourself to“Comfortable”this spring and let Okinawan herb aroma nourish your skin and relieve tension in your body.

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Souvenir Shop
Open Hospitality

Delight in naturally dyed stoles that have been dyed with sugarcane spikes.

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