February 27, 2020



The Busena Terrace

What’s a resort’s True Value?
To discover a new way of having fun.
This Summer, find your "true value" at Busena,
away from the daily life.

Main Dining "Fanuan"
Menu dete Facinant

Spend a passionate summer at the Busena Terrace.
Savor colorful tapas made with Okinawan ingredients, smoked grilled Charolais beef sirloin, and a Basque cheesecake for dessert.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"
Wakanatsu-Kaiseki ~IKI~

A Kaiseki meal depicting the arrival of summer starts with a seasonal vegetable salad followed by a variety of flavorful and beautiful dishes for you to enjoy with all your senses.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

Enjoy our early summer menu of Yanbaru pork and, seasonal vegetables, or Motobu black wagyu-beef expertly prepared by our Chef in front of you.

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Chinese Dining "Ryukasaien"
Delightful Early Summer Dinner

Smell the rich aroma of the oyster sauce that fills the air the minute you unwrap the cart fata,enhancing the taste of the Beni Agu-pork BBQ.

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Living Room "Maroad"
La Nature

Try the refreshing coconut and shikuwasa citrus mousse. Jelly and citrus mojito is served with mint, a refreshing taste matching the lounge in Early Summer.

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Signature Pack

Experience viewing the scenery of colorful fish at the reef point, or feel the ocean breeze while racing on a speedy dragon boat. A plan where you can enjoy a variety of marine activities.

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Hotel Selection
Take Pleasure Moment

Resort collection from Barcelona.“Aldo Martins” is known for its Spanish traditional prints designed in modern style with its vivid colors and gorgeous silhouette.

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Esthetic Room
Corsican Grace
"Bio Natural"

"Nucca" is a brand born in the "Island of Beauty", Corsica, in France. The Terrace Hotels is the only location that carries this brand in Japan, and now a limited menu is available to try its products.

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