May 7, 2021



This summer, the Bandwagon will make its debut as an addition to the fun activities on offer at Busena Beach. With a sturdy build that seats four people, revel in powerful water zipping lying down, on your knees, and in various other postures. Rental items including floats, floating mats, and snorkel masks are also available. Enjoy summer activities ahead of the season at Busena Beach.


Available All year round
Duration 10 minutes
Capacity 4 passengers maximum (2 passengers minimum)
Age Limit 3 years old and up (children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult)
Activity Fee JPY 2,750 per person (inclusive of tax)

[Rental Equipment]

Item Floats, float mats, and snorkel masks
Duration 1 day
Price Float JPY 1,650
Float Mat JPY 1,650
Snorkel Mask JPY 1,650 (Inclusive of tax)

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The Busena Terrace Activity Counter