June 27, 2024

【8/13~8/16】Workshop at BUSENA in Summer 2024


Join us at The Busena Terrace for "Workshop at Busena," featuring talented young artists from Okinawa on select dates. Dive into the local culture with unique, hands-on experiences: express your creativity with finger painting, craft beautiful resin accessories from marine plastic, and create elegant fans from kuba leaves to enjoy the natural breeze. These workshops offer the perfect opportunity to make lasting memories of your Okinawa adventure. Don't miss out on this enriching and unforgettable experience!

Duration August 13 - 16, 2024
Finger Painting Experience (Fingerpainter Yukako)

August 13 - 16, 2024
Marine Plastic Accessories Making Experience (Oki Coast Ocean Art / Yukiko Yamaguchi)

August 15, 2024
Kuba Leaf-Fan Making Experience (Shima-ashibi-sha "Kaa-Ran-Yaa" / Kyoko Higa)
Hours 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Each workshop is limited to just 10 participants per day.
Location Souvenir Shop
Central Tower 3F
*Please note that the location may change due to weather conditions.
Reservation Reservations will close once capacity is reached, so please book early.

◆Contact of InquiriesThe Busena Terrace
"Souvenir Shop"

*Please be aware that event details are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

"Workshop at Busena" About the Artists


Finger Painting Experience

Utilize 8 specially curated paints to create your masterpiece, which will be professionally framed and ready for you to take home. Unleash your creativity and enjoy a memorable artistic journey with us.

JPY 2,900 per person (including tax)

Fingerpainter Yukako

Originally from Hyogo Prefecture, I found my muse in Okinawa's natural beauty during a travel adventure in 2014. Captivated by the resilience of the banyan tree, I embarked on a journey of finger painting, using my fingertips as brushes to convey raw emotions and the essence of life. My artworks embody themes of strength, kindness, and warmth, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Okinawa.

Oki Coast Ocean Art

Marine Plastic Accessories Making Experience

Craft unique accessories using synthetic resin, incorporating a variety of colorful marine plastics collected through beachcombing.

from JPY 2,200 per person (including tax)

Oki Coast Ocean Art / Yukiko Yamaguchi

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, I initially worked as a childcare worker before venturing into sea turtle conservation during my studies in Australia. Settling in Okinawa in 2019, I founded Oki Coast Ocean Art. As a resin artist, I now craft stunning pieces inspired by the region's exquisite marine life and lush landscapes. A portion of proceeds from my artworks goes towards supporting sea turtle and coral conservation efforts, embodying my commitment to environmental stewardship.


Kuba Leaf Fan-Making Experience

Immerse yourself in Okinawan tradition with our Kuba leaf fan-making experience, inspired by The Terrace Hotels' logo motif. Using freshly pruned Kuba leaves from The Busena Terrace grounds, you'll craft unique fans. Enjoy the natural beauty as these fans develop a distinctive patina over time. Create lasting memories of your tropical getaway with this authentic island activity.

JPY 3,000 per person (including tax)

Shima-ashibi-sha "Kaa-Ran-Yaa" / Kyoko Higa

Transitioning from a role at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology University, I launched Shima-ashibi-sha "Kaa-Ran-Yaa" in 2022. Our initiative offers grass weaving experiences and workshops using native Okinawan plants. Explore the island's culinary heritage with us, as we highlight Sesoko Island's traditional "nuchigusui" health tonic and craft practical items from local flora. Join us to delve into Okinawa's rich culture through hands-on activities and culinary delights.

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