January 17, 2018

Wellness Session


To keep your body and mind in balance The Terrace Club at Busena offers events and private sessions on various health treatments.

Enjoy Golf and Stay Healthy

Receive professional advice and improve your golf performance, hip movement and swings. 

Event Date February 10-12, 2018

Private Session (60 Minutes) 15,000 JPY per Person
Private Session (90 Minutes) 22,500 JPY per Person
Semi-private Session (90 Minutes) 27,000 JPY for 2 People
(The prices above are exclusive of tax.)


Physical Therapist Yusuke Tanaka
Professional Golf Instructor Masakazu Hashimoto

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Dien Chan & Brain Gym

Answering to the requests of our guests we offer private sessions as part of an event on Vietnamese multireflexology "Dien Chan" and "Brain Gym", an exercise designed to balance mind and body.

Event Date March 24-25, 2018

Private Session
60 Minutes 18,000 JPY per Person
90 Minutes 25,000 JPY per Person
(The prices above are exclusive of tax.)

Instructor Yoshiko Saga
Deputy Headmaster
The International Medical Spa Institute

Contact for Reservations & Inquiries: 0980-51-1115
Operating Hours: 9:00-22:00