March 9, 2018

Cape Walking


beach walk
forest walk

Increasing the Positive Effects of Walking

Our new walking program is based on therapist guidance and will take place at beautiful Cape Busena with its many different walking grounds such as sand, grass and asphalt. Enjoy an exercise in the midst of nature and benefit from its positive effects on flexibility and physical ability.

The Terrace Club at Busena and the beach

Maritime Climate

Relax to the sound of waves and enjoy the seaside breeze, while benefiting from the positive effects of maritime climate on human health.

feet walking on wood

Different Walking Grounds

Improve your motor skills by walking on different walking grounds such as sand and grass as well as slopes.

Available All Year
Price 3,000 JPY per Person (60 Minutes) (Subject to Consumption Tax)
*Early-morning participants will undergo counseling the previous day.
*Rental footwear is available.

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