June 1, 2018

Original Herbal Tea "RELAX"


Herb tea in a glass and pot

This herbal tea consists of a mixture of herbs that are well known to help prome relaxation and encourage deep sleep such as orange day-lily and lavender. Right after pouring "RELAX" into a cup you'll be able to see how the tea changes its color from blue to light brown and if you should drop a bit of lemon juice, you will see it turn pink. It is recommended to drink "RELAX" after dinner or before bedtime due to its relaxing effects.

Available All Year Round
Hours 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. 
Location Hotel Selection
Price 1,000 JPY per Tea Package (2gx10 Tea Bags)
(Exclusive of Tax)

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The Terrace Club at Busena

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