June 1, 2018



Sweet Summer Night's Sleep

"Slumber" is The Terrace Club at Busena's theme this midsummer.
Participate in programs designed to promote sleep quality
and enjoy the cooling effects of our selection menu's on a hot summer day.

Mineral Gel Pack & Rescue Facial

Soothe your skin with this season's Mineral Gel Pack treatment.

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Liblary Lounge & Bar
Midsummer Cocktails

Delight in our 2 lemon liqueur based cocktails Le-vival and Le-anneal.

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Moonlight Yoga

July 27, August 25 & September 24, 2018

Join our Moonlight Yoga program and enjoy the sound of the waves under the light of a full moon.

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Moonlight Concert

July 28, August 26, September 25 & October 25, 2018

Experience a unique summer concert on a full moon night at our outdoor pool area this season.

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Hotel Selection
Original Herbal Tea "RELAX"

Herbal tea "RELAX" helps to promote mental as well as physical relaxation and encourages deep sleep.

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