October 10, 2018



The Terrace Club at Busena

Nutritious food, therapeutic exercise and care designed to improve a healhty balance between your body and mind.
Experience a delightful stay supported by professional knowledge.

Fine Dining
Spa Cuisine

Indulge in a nutritious course dinner designed to reduce fatigue.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Autumn Cocktails

Brandy and shochu based cocktails await you this autumn.

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Wellness Session
Chi Nei Tsang & Wake Up Yoga

To keep your body and mind in balance The Terrace Club at Busena offers events and private sessions on various health treatments.

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Body Conditioning -Warm Up-

Recommended to people with a slow metabolism and to those who constantly feel cold when others seem fine.

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Hotel Selection
Original Goblets

Goblets made of Ryukyu glass are now available for purchase at our Hotel Selection.

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