December 28, 2018



Ease Your Mind

Our brain is continuously processing extensive information.
When your brain is exhausted, it may lead to cognitive issues. We support you in the new year
with a wholesome plan, incorporating well-balanced quality of sleep, nutrition, and poolside exercise regimen.

Fine Dining
Wellness Cuisine

Prawns from Kume Island served with avocado tartar sauce and cumin-infused soup, a combination sure to relax your mind.

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Wellness Thalasso

The combination of a functional exercise (aqua fitness) in the Thalasso pool and a body wrap with seaweed and sea mud.

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Hotel Selection
Sleep Well

A set with our original comfortable waffle material lounge wear along with three different types of bath powder.

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Wellness Thalasso
Wellness Session
Golf Conditioning

A program offering sessions with a physiotherapist and golf professional.

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