June 4, 2019

[Jul 17, Aug 16, Sept 14, Oct 13, 2019] Moonlight Concert



Sip on your favorite cocktails by the poolside, prepared especially for the night, while enjoying a live concert. This concert takes place on every full moon night from July - September.

Moonlight Concert

Dates July 17, August 16, September 14, October 13, 2019
Hour 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Fee Free
Location Outdoor Pool Area
  • *This event is exclusively for our hotel guests.

Enjoy with a wine, selected by a master sommelier, "Kazushi Taira"

クロ・デ・リュヌ リュヌ・ダルジャン2016

「A Promise On The Moon」

Rendez-Vous Sur La Lune 2012

The wine name "Rendez-Vous Sur La Lune" means "a promise on the moon". The field consists of limestone soil of Cazelles that looks like a "moon". Producing high quality grapes from fields 300 meters high, wine with a strong cassis scent.Please enjoy a special time with the concert.

Per glass  ¥1,500(Tax excluded)

*Drinks are available at our Poolside Bar (Prices vary depending on the type of beverage).

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The Terrace Club at Busena

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