September 3, 2019



Recharge Yourself at A Tropical Wellness Resort

A break between a fun-filled and active summer and an exciting winter season. 
The theme for this fall is "Rest."
 Fulfill yourself during this interlude at the wellness resort by the southern sea. 

Wellness Thalasso
Rest Treatment

A combination of body treatment, the Terrace Hotel's original face mask and head care to stimulate mental and physical relaxation Treatment is available for men as well. 

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Wellness Session Vol.25
Chi Nei Tsang & Craniosacral Therapy

With "Rest" as the wellness session theme, Chi Nei Tsang Massages and Craniosacral Therapies are offered Chi Nei Tsang is a relaxation massage that regulates internal organs through soft stimulation Craniosacral therapy promotes the cerebrospinal fluid circulation and improves your natural healing power. 

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Wellness Cuisine

As the Terrace Hotels celebrate the fall theme "Rest", we used ingredients rich in vitamin C.
A course dinner including soup made of 10 different types of vegetables and soy milk, a seafood dish and a main dish covered with acerola.

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Herb Tea

Celebrating the 8th Anniversary of The Terrace Club at Busena, we renewed our popular hotel original herb tea. For our "Wellness Stay" theme, we offer 4 flavors, "Beauty," "Detox," "Relax," and "Recovery" .

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