April 22, 2020

Latest Edition of The Terrace Hotels' Seasonal Magazine "With TERRACE" Summer 2020


「with TERRACE」2020年・Summer号表紙

The latest edition of The Terrace Hotels' seasonal magazine "With TERRACE" 2020 has been released. 

The summer issue is titled "A Paradise of Soft Summer Breezes" which introduces Okinawan culture as well as seasonal news from each of our hotels. We hope you will sit back and enjoy this issue along with the magical interplay of light, sky, wind and water that uplifts the spirit at this time of the year.

See "with TERRACE"

ザ・テラスホテルズの季刊誌最新号「with TERRACE(ウィズ テラス)」2019Spring号のWeb版を公開いたしました。“テラスで過ごす島時間~おもてなしの心と春の月夜~”と題し、春の夜に臨む美しい月の様子や、沖縄に根付く風習や文化とザ・テラスホテルズのおもてなしに共通する「島のこころや生き方」をご紹介しております。

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