June 1, 2020



The Terrace Club at Busena

A stunning time of year at The Terrace Club at Busena surrounded by the varying blue sky,
sea and sun.Let your senses be awakened by the dynamism of nature this summer.

Stay Experience Wellness Program

The most representative herb of Okinawa, shell ginger, is a plant that blooms and bears fruit during the rainy season, flourishing in summer and slowly changing fragrance, color and appearance over time,bringing great inspiration.

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Hotel Selection
THALGO Skincare Set

A set of lotion, skin milk and cleanser using ingredients with highly moisturizing properties,such as the shell ginger leaf extract, to keep your skin healthy.

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Fine Dining
Wellness Cuisine

Pork thinly wrapped with sautéed onions and elaborate toppings enriched with the scent and flavors of shell ginger. Let your taste buds be aroused.

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Moonlight Function

The fascinating magic of the moon floating on the deep blue in the majestic tropical evening. Join us for artistic moonlit nights.

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