October 27, 2020



Discover the “Joy of Learning" This Harvest Season

Bathe in the gentle midday sun while embracing the changing colors of the water's surface in the soft evening glow, or be tempted by the moonlit breeze. Experience a new world this autumn at The Terrace Club at Busena. A vacation to awaken all the senses and open the mind to the joy of learning.

Wellness Program
Ayurvedic Stay Plan
3 Days

~Joy of Learning~

Originating in India and Sri Lanka, the Ayurvedic tradition of holistic medicine enjoys a long history of more than 5,000 years. We have prepared a program where you can learn some of the wisdom and techniques with the opportunity to experience the treatments firsthand.

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Fine Dining
Wellness Cuisine

Enjoy a leisurely evening of gastronomic delights sure to satisfy your intellectual curiosity, featuring a special menu with details of the various therapeutic effects of the ingredients.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Aged Awamori Tasting

After trying aged awamori from 46 breweries in the prefecture, three unique brands, Koryu, Kaneyama, and Chinmoku have been carefully selected. You can relax and enjoy the flavor and aroma each one has to offer.

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