October 30, 2020

Notice of Complimentary Shuttle Bus


The operation of the complimentary shuttle bus which links the properties of The Terrace Hotels' will resume from November 1, 2020.

【Schedule of Shuttle Bus】
◆Restart of Operation: From November 1, 2020~
◆Schedule: Two round trips a day
    *Please check the timeline for details
◆Capacity: 9 passengers

Shuttle Service Timetable

The Naha Terrace   The Atta Terrace   The Terrace Club   The Busena Terrace
9:30   10:30   10:45   10:50
13:20   12:20   12:05   12:00
14:30   15:30   15:45   15:50
17:50   16:50   16:35   16:30

*To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have set restrictions on the number of passengers and seats in the bus. Please contact the Butler Service for more information.
*Please note that we kindly ask passengers to wear a mask. In addition we will open the window for ventilation inside the bus. 
*If you wish to use the service, reservations must be placed by 10:00 p.m. of the previous date. 

◆For reservations & inquiries
The Busena Terrace 0980-51-1333
The Terrace Club at Busena 0980-51-1113
The Atta Terrace Club Towers 098-983-3333
The Naha Terrace 098-864-1111

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