June 30, 2021



Everlasting "Light"

The brilliant sunlight is at the heart of nature's rhythm.
The human circadian rhythm is also greatly influenced by the sun's rays, awakening with the morning sun,
working while the sun is high in the sky, and falling asleep when the sun goes down at the end of the day.
The Terrace Club at Busena is celebrating its 10th anniversary and will spend this year reflecting on
what it means to lead a healthful lifestyle, deciphering to propose what is "essential."
The theme of midsummer from July to September is "light."
Immerse yourself in the midsummer proudly presented by The Terrace Club at Busena as you absorb the sun's energy
through locally grown Okinawan produce and reset your natural rhythm through a vacation in paradise.

Wellness Thalasso
Soothing Body Wrap
Soothing Facial

Indulge in our fully natural treatments to instantly nurture your skin after a day spent soaking up the sun on the beach or by the pool.

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Fine Dining
Wellness Cuisine

A course menu featuring local Okinawan ingredients grown in the tropical sun to symbolize the seasonal theme of “light” will ensure that your body is well cared for from the inside with the power of nutritious food.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Frozen 58 Cocktail

Enjoy a taste of summer with our frozen cocktail featuring Okinawa's sun-blessed bitter gourd and shikuwasa.

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Busena Cape Tour

Embark on a tour offered by The Terrace Club at Busena as we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

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*The business hours and operations of each facility may change without prior notice.
Please check the official website for the latest updates.

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