August 11, 2021



Essential “Water”

Water is the source of all life, and its 1/f fluctuations resonate with our biological rhythm, creating a soothing sensation while promoting harmony of the autonomic nerves. Surrounded by the beautiful sea, The Terrace Club at Busena is a paradise enveloped in the relaxing sound of water. A seasonal vacation seeped in wellness with hospitality making full use of the tranquility and blessings of the water.

Wellness Thalasso
Floating Hammam

Fully unwind with the movement of water while floating in a thalasso pool of warm seawater under a tailored menu.

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Wellness Thalasso
Affusion Scrub

A water treatment program that gently removes dead skin cells from the entire body with the soothing sensation of a shower of warm seawater falling like rain combined with a seaweed-based scrub.

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Fine Dining
Wellness Cuisine “Aquarelle”

Under the motif of this season's theme of “water,” delicious watercolors (aquarelle*) are painted with an assortment of ingredients from Okinawa.

*meaning "watercolor painting" in French 

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Library Lounge & Bar
Botanical Gin and Tonic “Parfumer”

The world's first 0%-alcohol gin, NEMA, which is made with Nagano prefecture's famous spring water and the fragrant rose, Overnight Sensation, cultivated completely without pesticides as the main botanical. 

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*The business hours and operations of each facility may change without prior notice.
Please check the official website for the latest updates.

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