Original Body Treatments


Practiced techniques feature in these tailor-made experiences.


Fatigue is released from the body's core in this blissfully relaxing full-body massage that promotes a healthy lymph system.
100 minutes ¥19,000


Sacred Nature Body

A gommage treatment using jojoba exfoliating grains gently sloughs away the outermost dead layer of skin on the back. Your therapist will then release stiffness and tension from your body with a thorough oil massage geared to the rhythm of your deep breathing.
100 minutes ¥19,000

Ryukyu Healing

Specialized massage techniques rock the body to the healing rhythms of Okinawan music, releasing fatigue, stimulating pressure points, and alleviating swelling.
90 minutes ¥18,000


Luxuriate in a floral bath and then submit to a full-body oil treatment that makes ample use of fresh rose petals. An ideal way to celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion.
*The Bloom offering must be reserved three days in advance.
120 minutes ¥30,000

Slim & Lift for Body

This therapy uses the toning effects of red algae and concentrates on the hips and thighs areas that are prone to cellulite and fluid retention. The all-natural marine extract both conditions uneven skin texture and aids in the body’s synthesis of collagen while a specialized massage works to shape and tone your body’s natural line and proportions.
120 minutes ¥25,000


A full-body exfoliation and emollient oil treatment leaves even the hardest-to-reach areas of your skin soft and supple. Circulation is improved and natural luster restored.
120 minutes ¥25,000

Salt Purify

This shortest of our body treatments cleanses the back with a sea-salt scrub as it enwraps you in the blissful aroma of our original oil blend.
80 minutes Single ¥16,000
80 minutes Twin ¥30,000

Leg Treatment

Oil massage releases tension fron the entire leg starting with the tips of the toes, and the lower leg is treated to a cooling, toning wrap. Swelling is reduced and energy restored.
60 minutes ¥12,000

Reservations & Inquires:098-983-3333
Hours of Operation(starting from April 2019):10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

TERRACE SELECTExclusive to The Terrace Hotels, these recommended treatments may be enjoyed at the following Spa facilities.
The Busena Terrace "Esthetic Room"
The Atta Terrace Club Towers "Club Spa"
The Naha Terrace "Esthetic Room"

  • All prices are subject to consumption tax.
  • Rates are effective as of April 2017 and may be subject to change without notice.

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