Sima Relaxation


Try these island relaxation methods for a wonderful memory of your stay in Okinawa.

Sima Care

Sima Care Treatments

Select local products and botanicals feature in our Sima Care offerings.

  • Clay Wrap
    Deep cleansing is achieved with locally sourced mineral-rich clay and a tonic made from light galangal.
  • Shikwasa & Aloe Wrap
    The skin is toned, smoothed and thoroughly hydrated with shikwasa and fresh aloe.
  • Okinawan Salt & Herb Scrub
    A scrub formulated with Okinawan sea salt and herbs, exfoliates and clarifies the skin.

60 minutes each ¥16,000

Sima Body Care

120 minutes ¥32,000

Ryukyu Herb Detox(Herbal Wrap)

Herbal Wrap

60 minutes ¥16,000

Herbal Body

120 minutes ¥32,000

Reservations & Inquires:098-983-3333
Hours of Operation:10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.