December 28, 2018



A New Season Awakes Within the Forest

Light from above gently caresses the flowers and greenery.
Varieties of herbs are in full bloom in “The Garden” of the Atta Terrace Club Towers.
Join us in celebrating this happy spring at our forest Auberge.

Fine Dining

An excellent main dish combination consisting of seared duck served with sweet-sour Roselle jam and sautéed foie gras.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

A nutritious yellow carrot soup along with crispy Agu Pork and fresh lobster, served with salsa made of fresh picked herbs.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Warming Up

Cocktails will warm and relax your body and mind. Island red peppers, and Roselle.

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Spring Campaign 2019

Relax in our jacuzzi as you enjoy the green forest scenery while you are immersed in a scent of sweet Rose Otto oil.

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