January 21, 2019


ATTA SELECTIONEarly Summer 2019

To the shining forest resort

Welcome the summer’s early arrival
at this luscious forest resort a tropical Auberge
close to the blue sky and crystal like sea.

Fine Dining
Florale "Begonia"

Colorfully decorated with begonia petals, this marinated seafood salad.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

Made only with quality ingredients and freshly picked vegetables and herbs.

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Library Lounge & Bar

Try our seasonal passion fruit frozen cocktails and other refreshing drinks.

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Club Spa
Early Summer Campaign

Warm your body with the shell ginger infused mist sauna.

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Beach Club

Just a few minutes’ drive from The Atta Terrace, is an emerald green, white sandy beach.

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