September 3, 2019



Season of Authentic Delights

Local vegetables and fruits at Our Farm welcome the harvest season with their most vivid colors. 
The "Auberge" of the subtropical forest embraces this beautiful time of the year
as we celebrate the arrival of the season for authentic gastronomic delights. 

Florale "Daylily"

A beautiful course dinner featuring homegrown daylily salad and marinated fish awaits you. Fresh ingredients to showcase the art and concept of gastronomy. 

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

Relish in the dynamic performances of our Chefs while cooking fresh lobster with hand-picked herbs from Our Farm, which will be served with a tomato and basil sauce.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Autumn in Cocktails

Treat yourself to a sweet and sour cocktail made of hibiscus and amaretto and a sweet cocktail with brandy and "Tiger Nuts" from Nakijin village.

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Autumn Campaign

Hot stone treatment is recommended this season to nourish and moisturize your skin. Pamper yourself and enjoy this luxurious treatment.

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Beach Club

Powder rooms and shower stalls are readily accessible for your comfort at the Beach Club.
As you walk through the passageway of lush trees, an airy cabana welcomes you to your luxury beach vacation. Boxed lunch and drinks are available to complement your holidays.

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