November 1, 2019


ATTA SELECTIONChristmas 2019

The Atta Terrace Club Towers

Flavorful dishes and special menus
await youthis Green Christmas at The Atta Terrace Club Towers. 

Fine Dining
Green Christmas
~Christmas Dinner~

Indulge in a festive Christmas dinner featuring duck thigh confit served with sauce bigarade made of acerola and sautéed lobster with basil sauce.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

Enjoy an extravagant dinner with fish (red snapper and grouper) freshly caught off the coasts of Okinawa.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Christmas Cocktails

Treat yourself to a glass of our Christmas cocktails and enjoy “Saint Noël” based on brandy and Okinawan orange as well as “Foresta Gaff” made of beer, ginger and Okinawan citrus.

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These elegant items have been crafted by “ENTRO Glass Studio” using Venetian glassblowing techniques and make perfect Christmas gifts.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Christmas Live

Spend an enchanting night at our Library Lounge and Bar and enjoy live music performed by Hisano Toma and Masahiro Arakawa on December 24th and December 25th this year.

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