June 1, 2020



The Atta Terrace Club Towers

Summer at The Atta Terrace with its dazzling contrast between
the hibiscus and the blue sky ‒
The beach, pool, garden and cuisine staging a brilliant summer vacation for the sophisticated traveler.

Beach Club

Hotel- crafted dishes in the shade at the Beach Club with cabanas overlooking the emerald green sea, rendering an exclusive resort experience.

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Fine Dining

Appease your palette with a dinner course of colorful seasonal delicacies, featuring lamb grilled with assorted herbs from our very own garden.

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Teppanyaki Restaurant "Ryutan"

A magnificent course comprising a symposium of sautéed foie gras,Japanese Black sirloin steak, fresh lobster dressed with aromatic herbs grown in the hotel garden and abalone steak accompanied by sea grapes.

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Club Spa
Midsummer Campaign

Club Spa tucked away in the woods offers a splendid combination of treatments that relieve mental and physical tension.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Benedizioni Estive

Tropical cocktails made with tangy acerola cherries and mangoes grown in Okinawa. Let the golden sunset gleaming on your summer cocktail add a touch of glamor.

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