May 7, 2021


ATTA SELECTIONEarly Summer 2021

The Excitement Starts Here.

The Atta Terrace's forest is teeming with luscious foliage, and the breeze in The Garden carries with it the scent of new greenery.
A gourmet feast and a new kind of pleasure await with the awakening of the summer.
An early summer stay at The Atta Terrace Club Towers to witness the sensation of unique beginnings unfold.

Fine Dining
Early Summer Selection

The crisp texture of the morning harvest as well as the rich taste and aroma of pesticide-free produce — vegetables and herbs picked straight from The Garden at The Atta Terrace — will enrich your meals savored in the heart of nature.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Inizio Dell Estate

Relax with an original cocktail that beckons a refreshing breeze.

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Club Spa
Early Summer Campaign

A special menu to gently care for skin that may be easily damaged with the changing season and to relieve daily fatigue and tension.

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Anniversary Plan
Flower Message

The moment you enter the room, you will be greeted by a special message inscribed in beautiful, colored petals with the bed as the canvas.

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Garden Picnic

We have arranged a special Garden Picnic for you to enjoy lunch in the soft breeze under the clear, blue sky in The Garden of The Atta Terrace.

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