July 8, 2021


ATTA SELECTION Midsummer 2021

A Vacation of Pure Surrender and Delight

In the season of the sun, the flowers of The Garden are resplendent and the sparkle of the water inviting.
Leave your everyday life behind and revel in new experiences, healing time, and gastronomical encounters on the exclusive retreat.
Enjoy an “adult-only summer vacation” this midsummer, brought to you by The Atta Terrace Club Towers.

Library Lounge & Bar
Atta Honey Delight

We have fashioned natural cocktails bursting with the goodness of nature using handmade cordials featuring fresh honey and pesticide-free lemon myrtle from The Garden at The Atta Terrace.

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Library Lounge & Bar
Sole Estivo

A cocktail perfect for this time of year, a glass of brilliant midsummer sun-light, fragrant lemons, and fresh herbs from the the house garden.

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Fine Dining

House garden vegetables and herbs grown in the sun of Okinawa combined with carefully selected fresh seafood Savor this exquisite pairing.

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Fine Dining

All eight signature courses of the Fine Dining menu are sure to brighten the midsummer table.

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Club Spa
Midsummer Campaign

We have prepared a luxurious combination treatment that carefully cares for summer skin that has been exposed to UV rays.

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Anniversary Plan
Anniversary Wine

Celebrate a special anniversary with the “Adult-Only Terrace ” package.

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*The business hours and operations of each facility may change without prior notice.
Please check the official website for the latest updates.

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