August 25, 2021



An Autumn Auberge Overflowing with the Joy of Harvest

The changing season brings a blanket of colorful fruit to The Garden at The Atta Terrace. A culinary harvest feast served with delectable alcoholic beverages awaits. Revel in an adult auberge stay at The Atta Terrace as the island's southerly wind shifts to a refreshing autumn breeze. 

Library Lounge & Bar
Classical Autumn Cocktail

Two soothing, fragrant cocktails perfect for a post-dinner tipple in the comfort of the soft autumn breeze.

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Fine Dining

A continental course meal featuring fresh autumn ingredients straight from the house garden.

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Fine Dining

While retaining the deep flavors of traditional French cuisine, The Atta Terrace has created a unique style by exploiting the blessings of the house garden.

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Club Spa
Autumn Campaign

This autumn, we have prepared an intimate special treatment that is tailored to each guest.

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Activity Program
Enjoy Garden Pizza

A seasonal program where you can experience the joy of harvest as you feast on pizzas topped with delicious, fresh vegetables and herbs you picked yourself at the Garden Seminar.

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*The business hours and operations of each facility may change without prior notice.
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