January 11, 2022



Spring, continue the dream on an exclusive terrace.

In Okinawa, the cherry blossoms bloom earlier than other places in Japan, and the Atta forest, bathed in soft sunlight, weaves a peaceful experience. After savoring a moment of slumber, with the peaceful scenery from the terrace and the sweet spring breeze on your face, indulge in the heart-warming seasonal bounty of The Garden. The Atta Terrace Club Towers welcomes Spring Siesta, a theme of elegant hospitality.

Fine Dining
Spring Selection  “Essence”

Atta’s famed homegrown vegetables, herbs, and local produce have sprouted firmly under the southern spring sun. 

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Fine Dining
Spring Selection “Impression”

This course invites you to a season of sprouts, beginning with a marinated red grouper fish accented with a dressing made with herbs from our house garden. 

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Library Lounge & Bar
Okinawan Citrus Cocktail Fair

A spring cocktail made with Okinawan ingredients and herbs from the house garden.

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Club Spa
Spring Campaign

A blissful treatment that frees your mind from the busyness of daily life, inviting you to a state of deep relaxation. 

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*The business hours and operations of each facility may change without prior notice.
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