June 12, 2018


NAHA SELECTIONMidsummer 2018

Tropical City Resort
-Have a Wonderful Summer- 

Spend your summer vacations at The Naha Terrace and escape your every day life.
Indulge in our various summer menus starting from shaved ice and cocktails to kaiseki dinners
and cool yourself off on hot summer days and warm summer nights.

Restaurant "Fanuan"
Midsummer Cuisine

Our midsummer course is an homage to Southern France featuring seasonal vegetables, shore fish with framboise and more.

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Library Bar "November"
Run for the Roses
 - Victorious Necklace -

Stop by our Library Bar "November" and treat yourself to a glass of Mint Julep.

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Library Bar "November"
Botanical Premium Tonic

Delight in our original Gin & Tonic of the month with home-grown herbs such as rosemary and Italian parsley.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Snowflakes on the Terrace

Try The Naha Terrace's original shaved ice with condensed milk and your choice of sauce.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Midsummer Desserts

Indulge in our midsummer desserts which are only available for a short period of time.

Living Room "Maroad"

Calming Deep Care
-2 Days Treatment-

Designed to prepare your skin for sun exposure and to cool it down after a sunburn.

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