December 28, 2018



Fresh Green Trees and Colorful Flowers

The soft light of spring has arrived early.
During this season, The staff of The Naha Terrace wishes you a prosperous
new year as you relax and unwind at this tropical city resort.

Restaurant "Fanuan"

Fresh caught fish poire accompanied by seasonal vegetable mousseline and cherry shrimp galette.

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Japanese Restaurant "Mahae"
Yakuzen Gourmet Experience

Chinese medicinal herb dishes using soft-shelled turtle and Korean ginseng carrot supervised by an traditional Chinese medicine instructor.

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Living Room "Maroad"
Seasonal Desserts

Enjoy our Strawberry Chiffon Sandwich, made with strawberries and condensed milk in January.

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Library Bar "November"
Healing Mojito

Ginger mojito and vitamin C rich strawberry mojito.

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Treat yourself to our Italian quality aging-care line; “Comfort Zone.”

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