For the security and safety of our guests


In order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus at The Terrace Hotels, the below measures will be introduced as a new standard.

【The Terrace Hotels' preventive measures against novel coronavirus】

<Avoiding Closed & Crowded Space and Close-contact>
  • Our open-air structure enables us to constantly take in fresh air from outside and provide good ventilation.
  • We ask our guests to use the elevator with adequate space.
  • When checking-in/out or while dining at a restaurant, our staff will guide you to avoid overcrowding.
  • In order to minimize contact, our staff will temporarily not attend guests to their rooms unless special assistance is required.

<Preventing air-borne transmission>
  • We request our guests to wear a mask and carry it at all times while at the premises.
  • Acrylic panels are installed at the counters that involve frequent face-to-face contact.
  • Our staff will avoid facing the guests directly while interacting with them.
  • If a guest is not wearing a mask, our staff may wear a face shield to interact with the guests.

<Managing hygiene>
  • Hand sanitizers are placed in all public areas including the entrance.
  • Thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the guest rooms and other facilities within the premises.
  • Our staff sanitizes elevator buttons, lobby furniture, and other areas where frequent contacts are expected.
  • When serving a buffet at a restaurant or banquet hall, guests are requested to wear a mask and gloves when dishing out meals.
  • Disposable thermometers are available for guests who are feeling unwell or have a fever.
  • When contacting a guest who is unwell or has a fever, our staff will wear a mask and face shield.

<Request for our guests>
  • We request all guests to cooperate with us while measuring their temperature with non-contact thermometers.
  • All staying guests are requested to complete the questionnaire regarding their physical condition.
  • Please wear a mask while at the premises.
  • If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please consult a medical institution immediately. Meals will be served to your guest room (in-room dining). Please refrain from using other facilities within the hotel.

<Preventive measures for our staff>
  • Staff’s temperature as well as physical condition will be checked. 
  • Use of mask while working.
  • Frequent hand-wash and sanitizing.
  • Ensure adequate distance between staff during break times.
  • Establish and comply internal regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.

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