December 28, 2018



Villa Resort Facing the East China Sea

It is a paradise filled with the sun, sky and sea.
Have an early vacation by relaxing in a private villa and enjoying
the taste of spring as you dine at our fine restaurant.

Fine Dining
Come Sta

Enjoy the spring taste with refreshing Sakura flavored cream pasta and charred Yomitan agu pork, prepared with fresh ingredients from “OUR FARM.”

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Shop & Cafe
Flavored Beer

Original craft beer mixed with fruit syrup. Flavorful beer by the poolside under the soft rays of the spring sun.

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Mineral Beauty

A beauty care combination featuring a body wrap and scrub using seaweed as well as an aroma treatment is part of care combination.

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Zakimi castle Ruins

Explore the World Heritage site of the Zakimi Castle Ruins and get the taste of the history and culture of Okinawa.

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