January 21, 2019


UZA SELECTIONEarly Summer 2019

Sea of early summer where light shimmer

Relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the glistening sea
from the cruiser, or spend a day at the villa,
where an exhilarating private resort awaits you.

Fine Dining
Come Sta

Dine in our exquisite terrace with locally sourced ingredients.

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Fine Dining

Horse Mackerel and marinated Sea Snails with jellied Hijiki sea kelp.

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Shop & Cafe
Espresso-Banana Smoothie

An original drink made with banana smoothie and espresso coffee.

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Bar & Lounge
Kusu (Aged Awamori) Fair

Since the Ryukyu Kingdom era, Awamori has been enjoyed both domestically and abroad.

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Esthetic Room

Special treatment inspired by the Polynesians’ way of life.

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SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is practiced at the outdoor pool.

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