January 9, 2020



The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas

Spend your holidays at The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas this spring and enjoy various seasonal menus,
sessions and treatments.

Fine Dining

Lobster mousse served with roselle sauce, wagyu beef with tapenade and miso awaits you this spring at “Fine Dining”.

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Fine Dining

Enjoy “ Prego”, a delicious course dinner featuring freshly caught seafood and seasonal fruits as well as vegetables.

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Shop & Café
Vinegar Mojito

Vinegar Mojito is based on mildly sweet tankan fruit vinegar, an original product of The Terrace Hotels, and fresh mint leaves.

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Aqua Exercise 

Enjoy a private sessions of aqua exercise in the heated pool by the instructor. Using the water resistance, the instructor will guide you to move and warm up your body.

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Esthetic Room
Herbal Ball Treatment

Following an aromatherapy treatment, the healing practice of herbal
compress therapy will be used to target muscle tension in your body. 

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