How to Book with Us Online

Thank you for your interest in The Terrace Hotels collection of luxury resorts in Okinawa.
Our Online Reservations system may be used to book accommodations at The Busena Terrace, The Naha Terrace, The Atta Terrace Club Towers, and The Terrace Club At Busena.
Please refer to this guide for troubleshooting, system requirements, and other tips about booking with us online.

Plan Benefits

Payment Methods


  • icon -> Breakfast is included
  • icon -> Lunch is included
  • icon -> Dinner is included
  • icon -> One lunch during your stay is included
  • icon -> Two lunches during your stay is included
  • icon -> One dinner during your stay is included
  • icon -> Two dinners during your stay are included

Other Benefits

Details about the scope of these benefits vary from plan to plan. Please refer to each plan description for the specifics in regard to your stay.

  • icon -> Cocktails or soft drinks are included
  • icon -> Complimentary cake with tea or coffee is included
  • icon -> Enjoy an afternoon tea on us
  • icon -> A complimentary facial or full-body treatment is included
  • icon -> Enjoy complimentary item(s) from one of our shops
  • icon -> A round of golf at The Atta Terrace Golf Resort is included
  • icon -> A complimentary activity from our many marine or indoor programs is included
  • icon -> Each guest in your party may choose their favorite from a list of special offers available during your stay
  • icon -> A full set of our original bodycare amenities is included
  • icon -> Enjoy complimentary round-trip transport between Naha Airport and the hotel
  • icon -> Make the most of your stay with an early check-in
  • icon -> Enjoy a leisurely departure with late check-out

Paying by Credit Card

When booking a plan with online payment, full amount of accommodation fee must be paid.

  • Only one credit card may be used per each reservation transaction.
  • Online payment is available for plan marked by the Prepayment required and Online Payment available icons.

Accepted credit cards

The following credit cards are honored: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International, JCB, American Express, and any card affiliated with these five companies.

VISA / Master Card / Diners Club / JCB / American Express

Providing your card information

You will be asked to provide your credit card details in the Personal Information section of our secure Online Reservations form. After entering the data, you will be directed to a new page where you may review its accuracy before booking. When you click the ""Book Now"" button, the approval process for your credit card will begin.
If the credit card details you have provided cannot be verified, or if your card has exceeded its expiration date, the transaction will not be approved and the booking will remain unplaced.

  • When your booking has been successfully made, the transaction date shown on your credit card statement will be the date on which the reservation was placed.
  • The date for the transfer of funds is subject to each credit card company's policy.

A note about security

Credit card payments are outsourced via encrypted transmission to an online money transfer company using high-security protocols for authentication that reduce the likelihood of fraudulent usage and improve overall transaction performance, enabling you to use your credit card securely online.
In addition to the Card Security Code (CSC) protocol, The Terrace Hotels Online Reservations website is compliant with the 3-D Secure protocol in use by the Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and JCB J/Secure authorization services.

What is the Card Security Code (CSC)?

Alternately known as the Card Verification Value (CVV2), Card Validation Code (CVC2), or Card Identification Number (CID), this code is either a three- or four-digit number that appears on the back of Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and JCB cards, usually in the signature field.
American Express cards use a four-digit code that appears on the front of the card. The CSC provides a cryptographic check and assists in validating that the customer placing the online order is actually in possession of the credit card, thereby preventing fraudulent usage. To locate your CSC, please refer to the images below.

What is the Card Security Code (CSC)?

How does 3-D Secure work?

A 3-D Secure transaction is not substantially different from an ordinary e-commerce transaction.
Once you have reviewed the details of your planned booking on our reservations website and clicked the ""Book Now"" button, the browser will display a new page asking for your credit card details and your authentication password.
(If you have not yet enrolled in 3-D Secure through a website operated by your card issuer, you will need to do so, in order to receive a password that establishes your identity.)
With your password submitted and verified, you will move on to the screen which completes your booking.

Cardholders without a 3-D Secure password

Cardholders who do not have the aforementioned password are still able to submit credit card payments online, however we do recommend obtaining one as it provides payment security with an extra level of protection to reduce the risk of fraudulent usage.

Visa Master Card JCB

Canceling Your Reservation

Please kindly note that cancellation policies vary depending on the packages. Please confirm the accommodation package details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation.

Cancellation Procedure

If you placed your reservation with us online, you can cancel from the "View or Cancel a reservation" page.
You will need to submit the reservation number and booking reference sent to you in the e-mail confirming your booking.
Once you have completed the cancellation procedure, you will receive another e-mail confirming your cancellation. Should you not receive this notification, please contact our Reservations Department.

  • If there is a balance between the total booking value and cancellation fee, this balance will be credited to the credit card submitted. Every Card Provider handles transactions differently so please contact your card provider for the details.
  • Bookings that you have selected to pay at hotel, are not eligible to cancel online, within the cancellation period that charges apply. Please directly contact our Reservation for cancellation.
  • The Busena Terrace Reservations  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1310
  • The Naha Terrace Reservations  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1144
  • The Atta Terrace Club Towers Reservations  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1133
  • The Terrace Club At Busena  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1124
  • The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1127

Confirmation of Your Reservation

In the event you do not receive the confirmation e-mail that is automatically sent from our system, it is possible that you may have submitted an incorrect e-mail address or that your spam setting is preventing you from receiving our transmissions.

Adjust the settings in your e-mail program to accept e-mails from the domain "" Also, check your spam folder.

If you do not receive our e-mail confirming your reservation within two days of placing it, please contact our Reservations Department.

  • The Busena Terrace Reservations  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1310
  • The Naha Terrace Reservations  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1144
  • The Atta Terrace Club Towers Reservations  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1133
  • The Terrace Club At Busena  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1124
  • The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas  Tel.: +81 (0)98-864-1127

Regarding SSL connection

SSL is a code protocol which offers the communication security in the Internet.
The data transmitted in a network is enciphered.
In the inspection of this site, as a vulnerability management, we recommend you to shift to TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS 1.2, etc. than SSL3.0 for a safer protocol.

Disable SSL 3.0 and enable TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer
You can disable the SSL 3.0 protocol in Internet Explorer by modifying the Advanced Security settings in Internet Explorer.
To change the default protocol version to be used for HTTPS requests, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options.1.0,
  2. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Security category, uncheck Use SSL 3.0 and check Use TLS Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 (if available).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Exit and restart Internet Explorer.

If you are using an older version of the browsers below, download the latest version available that is compatible with your OS.