Company Overview

Trade Name

The Terrace Hotels Co., Ltd.


2.3 billion yen

Founding Date

14 December 1985

Type of Business

【The Terrace Hotels Company】

  • Resort operations
    (including hotel and golf course management and event planning)

【Kokuwa Distribution Service Company】

  • Film promotion
  • Restaurant franchising
  • Beverage sales
  • Fuel oil and kerosene sales
  • Blast construction and explosives sales
  • Life and accidental damage insurance
Annual Sales

22.8 billion yen (FY 2014)

Number of Employees

1,700 (as of 1 April 2016)


Yukikazu Kokuba, Chairman
Yukinobu Kokuba, President
Tetsuo Arakaki, Managing Director
Hiroshi Takara, Director
Toshimasa Ikeda, Director
Tateki Higa, Director
Yoshihiro Chinen, Auditor

Associated Companies 

The Terrace Hotels

  • The Busena Terrace
  • The Terrace Club At Busena
  • The Atta Terrace Club Towers
  • The Atta Terrace Golf Resort
  • The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas
  • The Naha Terrace
  • Designated Administrator of Bankoku Shinryokan

Kokuwa Distribution Company

  • Star Theaters
  • Kokuwa Foods
  • Kokuwa Beverages
  • Kokuwa Fuels
  • Kokuwa Explosives
  • Kokuwa Insurance

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