Privacy Policy

  1. How do we protect your privacy?
    • By adhering to the law.
      The Terrace Hotels ensure that all employees understand and comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, as well as all guidelines and policies set forth by us with regard to the collection and use of your personal information.
    • By maintaining transparency.
      We may request your personal information in order to provide you with our services. Our purpose in collecting the information will always be made clear and we will not seek to gather such information from anyone other than you.
    • Through the secure handling of any data we collect.
      We have implemented appropriate organization-wide measures to maintain the accuracy of your information, as well as to prevent its loss and unauthorized access.
    • By answering your questions or concerns about your personal data.
      You have the right to access, correct, delete, and/or suspend our use of your personal information at any time.
  2. How do we use the information we gather?
    The personal information we request of you when you place a reservation for accommodation, dining, a wedding celebration, banquets, or other of our services will be used by us as follows:
    • To contact you in response to your inquiries, or to otherwise fulfill our contract with you.
    • To send promotional and marketing materials about our hotels to you.
    • To conduct surveys to better understand our customers' needs, develop new services, and/or improve our existing services.
    • For internal statistical reporting, we reference information on age and gender.
    • To respond to your comments and requests about our service.
    • When we enter into contract with a third party in order to fulfill our commitment to you.
    • Our disclosure of your personal information to other organizations or third-party service providers involved in the process of creating your guest experience is conducted under contract and in accordance with appropriate measures for its secure handling.
  3. Is cookie technology used?
    We use cookies on our websites to evaluate and improve the quality of the information we provide, and to better serve you when you return to the site. This technology cannot be used to reveal your identity. The data we collect is not linked to any personal information. It is used for internal research and analysis only, to identify broad patterns in the use of our websites.
  4. Do we share the information we receive?
    As stated above, the information you provide to us will on occasion be shared with third-party vendors with whom we collaborate in order to fulfill our contract with you. The only other instances when we will disclose your personal information are as follows:
    • When we receive your approval to do so.
    • When the information is compiled as part of a statistical report with full anonymity.
    • When we are required to do so, in compliance with applicable local laws.
  5. How do we protect your personal information?
    • We safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, loss, and other forms of tampering with appropriate electronic and managerial measures enforced at reasonable levels.
    • Reasonable periods of validity are assigned to the information we gather. The data is destroyed via secure means when its period of efficacy is reached.
  6. Can I access my personal data?
    With some limited exceptions, you may request access to, as well as amendment or deletion of, your personal data at any time. However, in the event that our disclosure of this information places you or any third party at risk of loss or damage, compromises the smooth operation of our hotel(s), or is deemed unlawful, we may be unable to meet your request in full.
    Excepting such situations, and upon our ascertation of your identity, we are pleased to assist in the following ways:
    • Disclosure of the personal information we have on record for you.
    • Updates, deletions, or other amendments as deemed appropriate.
    • Halting the further processing of personal information that we hold about you, or deleting your records entirely. Please note that this may prevent you from receiving certain of our services.
  7. How do I access my personal data?
    In order that we may accurately ascertain your identity, your request to access your personal information for amendment or deletion, or to suspend its further processing, must be submitted in writing with your full name, legal seal (if applicable)*, address, and phone number provided. For security purposes, only requests received via regular postal mail may be honored.
    *When an agent or proxy issues such a request on your behalf, an unregistered personal seal will suffice.
    In addition, the following documentation must be provided:
    • Your seal registration certificate and certificate of residence
    • In the event an agent applies on your behalf, a signed or sealed letter of affidavit is required in addition to the seal registration certificate and the agent's certificate of residence. Legal representatives must also submit proof of their relationship.
    • Postal stamps in the amount of 252 yen, for return postage
    Please mail your request with the required supporting documentation to this address:
    The Terrace Hotels
    Attention: Consumer Affairs
    1808 Kise, Nago, Okinawa 905-0026 Japan

    Please allow 14 days from our receipt of your application and the required supporting documentation for us to process your request.
    The personal information we receive from you with regard to your application will be kept on record for one month following our issued response. Thereafter, it will be destroyed.
    Should you have any questions about this policy, or wish to lodge a complaint about the use of your personal information, please contact us via telephone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays:
    The Terrace Hotels
    Attention: Consumer Affairs
    Tel.: +81 (0)980-51-1333

    The Terrace Hotels are committed to the protection of your privacy. We make every effort to keep our policies and measures regarding the handling of your personal information up-to-date and in line with accepted industry practice.

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