Implementation of Coral Planting(Oct. 27, 2023)

On October 27th, coral planting activities were conducted within the Busena Underwater Observatory. This initiative, aimed at preserving the valuable ecosystem of Okinawa's coral reefs and revitalizing fisheries and tourism resources, has been ongoing since two years ago with the support of the Aramco Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Fund (Aramco Asia Japan K.K.). It's part of a joint effort with the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau to introduce planting techniques tailored to coral planting sites, as well as to develop new techniques. The goal is to contribute to the regeneration of the precious coral reef ecosystem and fisheries and tourism resources.
On the day of planting, methods involving underwater bonding of plates containing cultivated corals were utilized, tailored to the underwater rocky areas, gravel grounds, and seaweed habitats within the Busena Underwater Observatory. Corals such as Shikoro and Edakomono, cultivated and harvested near the Busena Underwater Observatory, were planted.


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