The Terrace Hotels Best Rate Guarantee

When you book a room with us through an official website of any of the five hotels operated by The Terrace Hotels Co., Ltd. (listed below and hereinafter referred to collectively as “the hotel”), we guarantee you the best rate available. Should you find a lower rate for your reservation elsewhere within 24 hours of having booked your stay with us online, please let us know using the claims form published at the appropriate link below. Upon reviewing your claim and the terms of your booking, we will revise your reservation to match the lower rate if indeed our Best Rate policy had not been met.

The following terms and conditions apply

  • The lower rate you found must be for the same hotel.
  • The arrival and departure dates (length of stay based on check-in and check-out times) must be the same.
  • The number of guests booked on the reservation must be the same.
  • The room type (e.g. size, layout, grade, view, etc.) must be the same.
  • The same terms and conditions governing the room rate must apply.
  • The same cancellation terms and conditions must apply.
  • Any services and benefits associated with the booking must be the same.

Our Best Rate Guarantee does not extend to the following

  • Bookings made at publicly unavailable rates, including but not limited to negotiated corporate rates, group rates, and private membership rates
  • Rates not offered through our online reservations system, such as those limited to telephone bookings
  • Rates that are dependent on previously made payments, such as those associated with coupons, vouchers, and advance credit card bookings
  • Rates that have been adjusted using point benefits unique to the third-party reservation site, cash vouchers, and other such discounts
  • Opaque rates such as those determined by travel agents for packaged trips
  • Rates that required provision of a credit card number at the time of booking
  • Rates offered on auction or resale sites, cooperative buying sites, and joint-purchase sites
  • Rate disparities owed to fluctuations in prevailing currency exchange rates
  • Package rates that include benefits other than accommodation, such as facility usage, transport, meals, etc.
  • Rates obtained through government- or municipally subsidized travel campaigns

When you submit your claims form

  • Take a moment to affirm that all terms and conditions above have been met.
  • Proof of your booking with us, such as the reservation number and the quoted rate, are required.
  • Provide the site name and URL, the name of the accommodation plan, and the quoted lower rate.
  • The booking you placed at the lower rate must still be active and valid at the time of your application.
  • Be sure to use the same name on your claims form as was used for each booking.
  • Kindly note that only one Best Rate claims form may be submitted for each booking made with us.

Upon our receipt of your claims form

  • We will respond within three days from the day after of receiving your online request for a rate match.
  • Rate comparisons are calculated on the basis of net prices for a room, exclusive of taxes, service charges, or other such applicable fees.
  • The lower rate must be publicly available at the time we confirm your request, and must be accessible for review by us in order to honor your application.
  • Any changes you make to your reservation after our approval of the lower rate, including but not limited to the name under which the reservation had been made, may invalidate your best-rate application. Please also note that any changes you make to your reservation afterwards may result in a price increase or even cancellation of your original booking.

  • The hotel is not responsible for any fees or costs incurred in connection with the cancellation of a reservation.
    All terms of service in the accommodation contract published at apply equally to our Best Rate Guarantee.

    Inquiries and applications

    Inquiries and applications for our Best Rate Guarantee may be directed to each hotel using the form provided at the links below:

    The Busena Terrace
    The Terrace Club At Busena
    The Atta Terrace Club Towers
    The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas
    The Naha Terrace

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